Friday, August 9, 2013

Video: How to Make an Aviation Cocktail (recipe)

The classic Aviation cocktail has been one of our absolute favorites for years. Not only is it lip-smacking good, but it's also incredibly easy to make and thus great for get togethers. The only tricky bit is getting your hands on Creme de Violette––if you're not in a big city, you may have to turn to the internet to find this ingredient. You can omit the Creme de Violette, of course, but it will noticeably detract from the drink.

Some folks put a bar spoon of Creme de Violette straight in the drink, but we find that even a bar spoon is too much and turns the drink into a perfumed nightmare, or, as Toby Maloney of the Violet Hour said, "it is like licking a French whore's neck, in a bad way."

We also like to add a touch of simple syrup in addition to the maraschino; otherwise, the drink is too sour.

Anyone else have a specific recipe or modification?


Anonymous said...

Okay - now I've *got* to try one of these! The perfume-ish liquor is intriguing. Great music too.

Noelle said...

Hi, Anonymous! Let us know how it goes when you try it! Glad you're rockin' the music. :-) -Noelle