Wednesday, August 7, 2013

VIDEO: How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea (recipe)

We've limited this blog to cocktails for a long time, but I think now it's time to branch out into the Joy of Drinking other things––at least when the occasion calls for it. Today, it's high time I share my absolute favorite beverage. The drink that gets me through every crisis, every calm, and frankly, every day. I'm talking, of course, about tea. I drink any kind of tea, usually in copious amounts, but today's video is about one specific type of tea. I'll have one cup of this stuff every day. It's excellent for the midmorning, mid-afternoon, or mid-week slump. It's delicious, comforting, warming, and invigorating. And best of all, it's easy to make.

A few years ago, Tony Blair complained that no on in Britain knew how to make a proper cup of tea anymore (here's the article). I'm not sure if mine is up to Mr. Blair's standards, but sir, you have an open invitation to my home to try it out. Tea is served at 10am and 3pm, sharp.

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