Friday, August 2, 2013

First Look: Russell Davis's New Audio Discotech Club

Audio Discotech

Josh and I were lucky to check out a sneak peek of new SOMA club Audio Discotech tonight, the latest project by San Francisco celebrity bartender Russell Davis. If you're thinking a stuffy craft cocktail bar, you best change your perception now. Audio Discotech, opening Aug. 16,  is Russell's effort to bring craft cocktails to club bartending. As bar director, Russell is working with well-respected Yael Vengroff (winner of Speed Rack 2012) to bring fast, free pouring of fresh ingredients to a fun, club environment. No excuses.

"If you're going to order an AMF, it's going to be the best Adios Motherfucker in the galaxy," Russell said. "It's AMFs and old fashioneds."

And it totally makes sense. On one hand, you have mixologists who would dain to put away the jiggers and make anything resembling a neon club drink. And on the other, you have club bartenders who have never seen fresh citrus in their well. It's about time we saw the meeting of the minds. And yes, that includes flavored vodkas.

"I was a club bartender for 11 years," Russell said. "Why would I turn my back on them now?"

Audio Discotech Audio Discotech

There is no menu for the two wells. Just what the crowd pleases. For us, we tried two recommended cocktails tonight. One which was a champagne cocktails and one with Dr Pepper.

Audio Discotech

In addition to two wells on either side of the room, the venue sports state-of-the-art audio and lighting equipment.

Audio Discotech Audio Discotech Audio Discotech

There are lounge sofas for high rolling.
Audio Discotech

"Sometimes I just want to order an old fashioned and dance my ass off," Russell said, speaking to his ambition in the club. Now we can too.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated Bergerac—also fronted by Russell and the same owners as Audio Discotech—is waiting in the wings. The craft-cocktail-focused lounge will be just below Audio Discotech, meaning that patrons can catch a meticulous drink there and then head up for booty-shaking fun upstairs. Something for everyone.

For myself, I had forgotten how long it's been since I actually went to a club. Other people showed up in their mini fur jackets, cocktail dresses, and heels. And there I was in my Toms. I had also forgotten the fine art of ordering in a club. I squeezed myself into the small spaces that I could and waited among suits and heels. This will be an adventure for all.

For more pictures, check out our Flickr album.

Audio Discotech
Opening Aug. 16
316 11th St.
San Francisco, CA

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