Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hotel bars are still cool: OneUP at the Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt - One Up - Exterior

Most San Franciscans don't think of going to hotel bars in Union Square for a fun night out. One trip to the Grand Hyatt's newly renovated bar, OneUP, may put hotel bars back on the Friday night docket. The spacious interior is a perfect home for Scott Beattie's fresh, California style cocktails.

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Moscow Mule––bright and refreshing:

Wild Bay Laurel Pimm's Cup––the wild bay laurel adds a nice herbal aroma to this drink:

Downtown Manhattan––a delicious manhattan :

Thinking about going? Take a look at the fresh, modern menu:

One Up at the Hyatt SF - Cocktail Menu One Up at the Hyatt SF - Cocktail Menu

OneUP Restaurant & Lounge 
Grand Hyatt San Francisco 
345 Stockton St
(between Sutter St & Campton Pl)
San Francisco, CA 94108
Neighborhood: Union Square
(415) 848-6187


Unknown said...

Wow! What an update. OneUP has gone through numerous transformations and actually dates back some 30 to 40 years, and was a contemporary of other SF traditions such as Ben Swig's Canlis' Restaurant (the only remaining trace of which is its sister restaurant in Seattle). I remember my Dad taking us to very shmancy dinners at OneUP at the top of the Hyatt. I have fond memories of their glazed strawberries and Cherries Jubilee!

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