Saturday, February 16, 2013

Presidents' Day Cocktail: White Persian

If you asked me about beer cocktails yesterday afternoon, I'd tell you to stay the heck away; inevitably, they taste gross and leave you feeling even worse. Last night––Valentine's night, coincidentally–– I fell in love with a beer cocktail: the White Persian. You can try this drink this Sunday night, 2/17, at 15 Romolo's third annual Booze and Brew Brawl.

White Persian done

If, like me, your impression of beer cocktails on the whole is less than favorable––perhaps a nauseating  mishmash of spirits, sugar, and beer––then suspend your incredulity and try this cocktail. Your mind will be blown by how well integrated all the ingredients are. Take a look at the recipe, it's clearly well thought out:

2 oz Reposado Tequila
3/4 oz lemon juice
1/2  oz curry syrup
1 large barspoon meyer lemon marmalade
2 dashes chamomile-infused orange bitters
1/2 oz egg white
2 1/2 oz Speakeasy Belgian White Ale

Garnish with orange peel...

White Persian Garnish

...and serve in a collins glass over ice. 

White Persian pour

Your first reaction might be, "Holy moly, that drink is way to complicated." On paper, it may look that way. But when the components mix, the result is magical. The moment this drink hits your tongue, you can tell some serious thought went into this combination of ingredients. It isn't surprising that Isaac Shumway, creator of this drink, comes from a cooking background and brought that expertise to this drink.

Isaac Shumway Shake

I don't even want to qualify this as a "beer cocktail" because that sounds like a qualifier. This drink is a bona fide cocktail. The tequila and the Belgian White Ale go together perfectly. The ale itself is citrusy and wheaty; the marmalade compliments the ale perfectly, accentuating the citrus. The chamomile orange bitters help to add depth to the drink, pairing with the citrus notes; the chamomile brings out some of the floral notes of the beer. The curry adds a nice spiciness to the drink, complicating the taste enough to make it interesting, but not so much that the drink is gimmicky or overpowered. The egg white and marmalade give this drink a beautiful creaminess that only gets better when the beer is added.

If you're even a little curious about this drink––which you should be, it's awesome!––then don't miss your chance to try it this Sunday night, 2/17, at 15 Romolo's third annual Booze and Brew Brawl. The Booze and Brew Brawl a San Francisco Beer Week event in which local bartenders from places like Heaven's Dog, Maven, Tradition, Fifth Floor, The New Easy combine cocktails and beer (duh). The event is going to be incredible. The tickets (which can be purchased here) may seem a little steep at $35, but keep in mind that you get a welcome cocktail, pub fare, and plenty of samples of each bartender's entry.

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sugar said...

Oooh, me too! I think beer cocktails are gross. But Dave Newman at Pint + Jigger keeps sneaking beer into my drinks, and I like it.