Thursday, February 21, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Our Video Shoot with Victoria George [pictures]


These days I feel like I am running around from video shoot to video shoot. Weekdays, weekends, nights, days—shoot, shoot, shoot! It's a good thing that I enjoy it. Because at the end of the day, the things to know about shoots are that: 1) Video shoots can take a long time, 2) Video shoots are a lot of work, and 3) Video shoots are tons of FUN! (The extra No. 4: Video shoots require a lot of coffee.) Everyone should try to take part in one at least once in their life.

For Victoria's shoot, we arrived on set at 11 am and wrapped at 7 pm (with some breaks and the help of a lot of coffee and tea). Whew! During that period, we were running around, setting up lighting, capturing Victoria in her natural element. We also had a lot of fun just catching up and talking, as she got her bar ready and we fiddled with the cameras. My video mentor Dave says that after you shoot with someone, you suddenly feel like you've been through a lot together. It is very true!

I wanted to share a tiny bit of the experience with you guys. Video shoots are not only a great chance to have fun together. We also get to take some fun pictures! Here are a few from the shoot:

Incanto Shoot with Victoria

Here we are getting ready to roll. I am testing the shot, and Victoria is getting ready behind the bar and looking so chic in the process!

Incanto Shoot with Victoria

Getting ducks in a row as Victoria preps to make her drink.


Josh is getting ducks in a row, too.

Incanto Shoot with Victoria George

"Dry run!"

Incanto Shoot with Victoria George

One thing that shocked me is how much work it takes to open a bar. Lugging large buckets of ice, carrying cases of bottles, setting up all the garnishes—it's no easy task.

Panic at the Pisco by Victoria George

And of course, the drink that took the spotlight! The Panic at the Pisco—a really fun summery twist on a mint julep. Bright and tasty. The drink was made from these guys:

Ingredients for Panic at the Pisco

See the full behind-the-scenes set on Flickr here.


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