Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spotlight on Rickhouse's Victoria George: How to Make a "Panic at the Pisco"

Josh and I are convinced that Victoria George from Rickhouse is one of the city's most elegant bartenders. When we watch her raise her shaker and gently rock the cocktail into existence, there is an uncanny grace to the movement—like a waltz.

That's just one reason why we were elated when Victoria asked us to help her make a video for the Campo de Encanto Pisco apprenticeship contest. Aside from being a completely delightful person, Victoria posses the winning combination of a finely tuned palate paired with an elegant flair to her bartending. We couldn't wait!

The only challenge? We had only a few days to shoot and edit the video.

Well, after days of hard work, we are excited to share this short spotlight on one of San Francisco's most darling bartenders, Victoria George. She shares a little about her passion for bartending and teaches us how to make her original Panic at the Pisco—a fun, refreshing twist on the classic mint julep. (This recipe will be handy come summertime!)

Meet Victoria and learn how to make her drink in the video above (for those with ADD—you know who you are—find a shorter version with just the cocktail recipe here). Watch in 1080p for best results!

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