Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet Kerry-O, our new dive bar correspondent

Besides having a vibrant cocktail culture, San Francisco has great dive bars. Or so we've been told. Actually, Noelle and I never go to dive bars. She's got a mild case of agoraphobia, and I hate loud places. We've decided, however, that our inadequacies have deprived this blog of a great drinking culture for too long. Are we venturing into the crowds? The sights, smells, and sounds? Not a chance. Someone else is.

Meet Kerry-O.


Kerry-O goes wherever she damn well pleases, and it so happens that she loves her a good dive bar. We've enlisted her help in exploring all of the good dives in SF and reporting back to the thirsty public. Look forward to her posts, which will give the skinny on the best local dives. 

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Unknown said...

Dive bars are a peek into the soul of a neighborhood. I'll be excited to track Kerry O's thoughts on the good, the bad and the dirty.