Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Most Expensive Glass of Whisky in the World

I have a rule about cocktails: anything over $13 is going to suck. I have a similar rule about spirits: anything over $20 probably isn't worth it.

After reading about LA's "luxury whisky bar" £10, I think I'm making a new rule: anything with a five-digit price tag is just stupid. Granted, I haven't tried the 64 year old, Sherry oak aged Macallan Scotch that fetches $64,000 per pour, so I may owe £10, and Macallan, an apology. Until our little blog finds a patron to sponsor a pour of that nonsense, I'm sticking with my $11 San Francisco cocktails, thanks.

PS: Note the Cocktail Kingdom barware in the article's picture. I have that at home. Not so luxury now, LA. 

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