Friday, April 4, 2014

Announcing a New Series — Three-Word Reviews! Beginning with Greenall's London Dry Gin

Things are getting a little crazy up in here, and we are excited to introduce a new videos series to mix things up: Three-Word Reviews!

That's because we love trying new ingredients and have been wanting to share our general impressions in a really simple, fast, fun way. It's actually a series we first thought of about a year ago, and now we're happy to finally test it out in the world. Go, young grasshopper, go.

To mark our very first Three-Word Review, we made two versions (a long version and a short version), and we'd love to hear from you guys which one you like better. We're still shaping this series and want your input.



A Note on Greenall's

Greenall's Gin is something we picked up at our favorite spirits store at the recommendation of one of the trusty employees. As the name suggests, it is a London-style gin, meaning that it tends to be bold (at least 70% alcohol and often higher) and "dry" (a mere smidgen of sugar allowed after the distillation process allowed, in order for it to qualify as London). This puts the pot-distilled spirit in the same category as the very popular Beefeater, Tanqueray, and Bombay Sapphire gins.

The spirit itself is defined predominately by high notes, more aromatic than flavorful. Lovers of bold gins like Beefeater might think this spirit thin, lacking the rich botanicals of many others on the market. Because the flavor is so dry, those who prefer the shy profile of vodka in their martinis might find Greenall's a bridgeable option for their cocktails. At around $25 a bottle, Greenall's is affordable—though it's easy to find a gin with more character at that same price point.

Don't forget to tell us which video you like better please! Cheers!

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:)) This review idea is really great and funny. Congrats!

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