Monday, December 16, 2013

First Look: New Bar Third Rail Opens in Dogpatch with Culinary Flair

Third Rail exterior

The folks who brought us Range (and its excellent sherry program) opened a new bar last week in the Dogpatch called The Third Rail.  With simple decor that will remind you of a modern living room, the new spot is sure to draw bar-goers looking for an easy going night and some bright, culinary inspired cocktails—not to mention some satisfyingly rich and salty jerky snacks (pork rind, anyone?).

Third Rail interior

For places like the Dogpatch that typically embrace a neighborhood feel, Third Rail strikes a great balance between carefully crafted cocktails and an unpretentious place where you can kick back. Third Rail will fit right in.

Third Rail bartender

We tried a few cocktails here, and they were exceptional. This is the Mt. Tam cocktail: St. George's terroir, Dolin sweet, Gran Classico. For a stirred drink, it wasn't too heavy. It was deliciously earthy from the terroir. I love drinks with St. George's terroir gin:

Third Rail cocktail

The Harvest Moon is similar to a margarita: tequila, pear, absinthe, lime. Bright and refreshing with a healthy tequila kick. The absinthe is a great touch that brings it all together.

Third Rail cocktail

Finally, the Double Date cocktail. This was Noelle's favorite. Old Fashioned lovers will love this riff on that classic cocktail. The date added to the richness of the cocktail and gave it a holiday feel.

Third Rail cocktail

Check out the full set of pictures on our Flickr album:

Third Rail
628 20th St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Every day 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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Anonymous said...

Go into any bar that carries Terroir, and ask for a Terroir Negroni with Gran Classico instead of Campari. Et Voila! You a... whatever they're calling this.