Monday, January 28, 2013

Unnecessary awesomeness: Ice Spheres

How deep into cocktails are you?

If you had to pause to consider, then you're already down the rabbit hole. Why not go a little farther? When you venture deeper into cocktail-land, you can sip spirits out of glasses filled with giant spheres of ice––in the comfort of your own home. Even in cocktail-land, though, you just can't escape hipsters taking pictures with their iPhones:


These ice presses have been on the market for awhile, but they've only just become less laughably expensive. You can now buy them online for a few hundred bucks, as opposed to a few thousand. They're made of big chunks of aluminum, so they dissipate heat alarmingly fast. In less than a minute, you get a beautiful orb.


The handy-dandy tongs (included) pull out the ice. These spheres aren't just for looks, believe it or not. They keep your spirits colder while minimizing dilution, so you can even use them twice.


Of course this is a ridiculous device. But, but, it is pretty cool.

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