Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Peek at Dominic Alling's Secret Bird Menu at Beretta [photos]


I imagine that it is within every reasonable person's fantasy to sidle up to a long wooden bar, lean over to the bartender, and whisper hoarsely, "I'll have the secret bird menu." Because honestly: 1) Secrets! 2) Birds. 3) Cocktails. I don't see much not to love here.

Well, it's your lucky day because this can be you, too. Bar manager Dominic Alling offers this illustrated Field Guide to the Birds menu at the much-loved San Francisco restaurant and bar Beretta (which I wrote about a little while ago for Eater).  This selection of 11 drinks is not advertised, but if you ask for it in a low, sly voice (OK, maybe not that part), the bartenders are happy to share it with you.

Just what are you getting yourself into? We took a few pictures to tide you over until you can visit yourself:

[Spoiler alert: Dominic does in fact serve something called a Fernet Branca Jelly. You're welcome, San Francisco. See the last photo.]


Dominic's menu celebrates every detail including this leather-bound menu. Each drink features elegant, intricate bird drawings, illustrated by former Beretta host Melissa Getman.


Dominic (shown below) thought the additional menu was a nice way to introduce some new cocktails without removing some of the popular drinks already on the menu, which have over time become hallmarks for Beretta.


Sage Sparrow. Mint-flavored mezcal, lemon, creme de menthe, velvet falernum, egg white.


Kiskade. Tequilla, lemon, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, and toasted fennel.


California Thrasher. Rum, bacanora, olorosso sherry, chocolate barley, bitters.




Strange Weaver. Gin, rum, lemon, Campari, Cocchi di Torino, orgeat foam.



Siamese Fireback. Rum, lime, ginger, banana, prosecco.


Bohemian Waxwing. Gin, lemon, Campari, aloe, egg white, rose.


Magnificent Hummingbird. Pisco, popcorn, lemon, candied sour apple syrup.


And, yes, the perfect SF menu item:

Fernet Branca Jelly. Made into a silky solid and served in ginger syrup with orange zest. SF, you are ready for this jelly. (Hashtag obligatory Beyonce reference.)




1199 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 695-1199

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