Monday, January 6, 2014

Thieves Tavern: Casual bar, serious whiskey

Thieves Tavern is one of the reasons I love San Francisco. When you first walk in, you think you're in a neighborhood dive bar, nothing more. There are some pool tables, a good jukebox, a photo booth, and a bunch of PBR. The crowd, even on a Saturday night, is lively but not overwhelming. As far as dives go, Thieves Tavern is perfect. But there's more to this place than meets the eye. Besides the divey goodness, Thieves Tavern also has an enormous, eclectic selection of whiskeys from around the world.

When I asked our bartender––an impossibly nice guy named Brendan––for a menu, he said, "No can do, no menus. We've got a wide selection of whiskey. Tell me what tastes you like and a price range, and I'll make some suggestions." I opted for sub-$12, peaty scotch. He brought down these guys:

Even though it was moderately busy, Brendan patiently and knowledgeably indulged my annoying questions (without being condescending) and kindly offered to let me taste a few before I committed. 10/10!

Thieves Tavern
496 14th St
San Francisco
(415) 252-9082
Mon-Sat 12pm-2am.
Sun: 10am-2am
Cash Only

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Super Bowl Champs said...

And it's San Francisco's official Baltimore Ravens bar.