Monday, September 9, 2013

Where to Drink: Weather Up (Austin, TX)


The Joy of Drinking now has an Austin office! In other words, I moved to Austin and am exploring the cocktail scene. The first place I went was Weather Up.


Here's the menu:




It's a solid mix of new and old, all executed very well. I made it for happy hour and enjoyed an Army Navy.


Then I moved on to an experimental drinking the bartender has been workshopping:



It's essentially a port sour with a champaign float, garnished with cinnamon. I hope this drink finds its way to the menu. The port makes it rich and deep, but the champaign dances on your tongue. The port, the champaign, and the cinnamon all makes me think of Thanksgiving.

Finally, a Gin-Aperol Smash:



Look at the crystal-clear ice in this bad boy. Weather Up's ice program is amazing. They use 300lb blocks of ice, cut it up into useful chunks, and break those down to size for each drink. Ice like that makes a beautifully cold drink to enjoy of Weather Up's patio on a warm Austin day:


The vibe at Weather Up is great. I've been there twice so far, and each time I make a few new friends. I love the music there, and I love even more that it's quiet enough to talk.

Weather Up
1808 E Cesar Chavez
4pm-12am every day except Saturday, when they close at 1am.

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