Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where to Drink: Park Tavern's Eden Lounge


It's not easy to find a quiet place to drink in North Beach, but Park Tavern's Eden Lounge is a nice respite from the usual weekend hustle and bustle. It's intimate, relaxed, and worth a visit if you're in the neighborhood. But don't expect to roll in whenever you feel; the Eden Lounge is only open sporadically. Here's a link to see if Eden Lounge is open in the next few weeks.


I enjoyed drinking here with a small group of friends. The cocktail menu was small, but the bartenders can easily go off menu. They seem more than willing to experiment off the cuff should you desire an adventurous drink. Our bartender's experiment was strikingly similar to a Juliet and Romeo.



I recommend peeking in Eden Lounge if you're in the neighborhood and it's open. I hesitate to recommend actually drinking there only because we had a very unusual experience: the staff was completely unwilling to handle a drunken and unruly patron because he was the owner's friend. It wouldn't have been a huge deal if he hadn't been throwing cell phones and empty glasses at walls and trying to start fights. It harshed everyone's mellow. I wouldn't even mention it, but I get the sense that things like that aren't anomalous. Like I said, peek in and check out the vibe. If it's mellow, check it out.

Park Tavern (Eden Lounge)
1652 Stockton St, SF

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