Monday, April 29, 2013

Where to drink: Prizefighter

It was 80 degrees in Oakland today, but BART cars had their heaters running. I fantasized about one thing as I stewed in the steel-on-steel petri dish: Prizefighter and its glorious patio. Prizefighter is Emeryville's greatest treasure (including Ikea), but too many San Francisco drinkers don't make it across the Bay. After taking a peak at the space, and they're gloriously simple three-ingredient cocktails, I hope more people make the trek.


The interior is spacious and typifies the neighborhood bar. There's a shufflepuck table inside, which you'll never find at a good cocktail bar in San Francisco.


Despite its low-key, neighborhood feel, Prizefighter is a serious cocktail bar.


The menu, though extensive, consists of simple drinks. What makes this place special is that it makes these drinks exceptionally well; it's hard to find a bar that consistently executes three-ingredient cocktails so well.


Note the section devoted to patio drinks.


The specials change from time to time.


Here's that Old Fashioned:


Ice nerds, notice the clarity of the ice. The main event, the drink, was fantastic. The whiskey was strong enough to hold up to the ice without losing some of its bite, but it wasn't overly alcoholic. The bourbon also maintained its richness, giving you the burned-sugar joy throughout the cocktail.

This is the Jack Rose (calvados, lime, grenadine), named after a famous boxer. The balance tipped slightly towards the citrus side, which made the drink all the more refreshing. It's perfect for a hot day.


Prizefighter is an excellent place to go hang out with some friends and have some good cocktails. Or beer, if that's what you prefer. These folks are genuinely nice, so they won't give you trouble for ordering beer. Oh, and it's dog-friendly.

6702 Hollis St
Emeryville, CA 94608

Prizefighter isn't easily accessible from BART, so make sure that you designate a driver.

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