Thursday, June 18, 2009

Note to self: Gin:Grapefruit :: Ham:Eggs

I bought two gorgeous grapefruits, all dark pink and heavy, from the market for only $1.50. So now I'm thinking of some sort of grapefruit and gin cocktail. My roommates are quite fond of gin slings--they use Bombay, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, sweet vermouth (I think), angostura bitters, and soda water.

I think I want to try something simpler. Tanqueray, grapefruit juice, simple syrup (Demerara), and angostura. I could throw in an egg white for texture. A kind of variation on a sour, I suppose.

I also noticed a recipe that calls for gin, grapefruit juice, and maraschino liqueur. Something else to think about...

Does anyone else have favorite grapefruit cocktails?


John said...

Campari is another spirit that works really well with grapefruit. I can't recall any "standards" that call for both but it shouldn't take too much imagination to find something tasty there.

Noelle said...

John - Josh had just mentioned campari as a good companion flavor! Now I'm really going to have to try it.

Lorraine said...

Hi Noelle:

I'm wandering around your blog in January--looking for a special drink, naturally--and found this grapefruit juice drink post.

Not sure whether I told you about my Trinidadian Bulldog--perfect for brunches, but great any time of day and in any season.

The Trini Bulldog is a mix of grapefruit juice, rum, Demerara simple syrup and a squeeze of lime served tall & on the rocks. Artless but yummy.

You can check out proportions here